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The Formula To Go From Rock Bottom Back Into Action In Any Situation



Book Description

If life has knocked you down, get ready to pick yourself back up and give your problems the boot!
When Sheila Mac tells you to pull up your bootstraps and bra straps, it’s time to take action! Whether you’re a new mama or a seasoned businesswoman, Sheila will guide you from starting over to creating the life you always desired. Her voice is that of a mentor, life coach, and entrepreneur—all rolled up into a best friend.
In Boot Straps & Bra Straps, Sheila will walk you through her BOOTS Formula. This is a tool you can use to pick yourself up from rock bottom, build a new identity, reinvent yourself, and produce more income, all without jeopardizing a balanced life.
You will want to gift a copy of this book to your closest friend and keep one on the shelf for future life reviews. That’s because you won’t just walk away inspired; you’ll walk away with the right tools in hand to do an entire lifestyle redesign.

Author Biography

Sheila Mac’s innate ability to find a glimmer of light in even the darkest of situations sets her apart from other mentors. With a focus on “Life-Style Re-Boots,” Sheila’s mission is to teach women how to find that light, as well. Along with speaking, teaching online courses, and coaching individuals, Sheila has also been a property investor and real estate team leader at Keller Williams in Beverly Hills. Through her book Bootstraps & Bra Straps, Sheila shows up for all the women who have shown up over and over for the people in their lives and now need someone to show up for them.

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