Career Shifts lead to a Victory – I want to reinvent my work life on my terms

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Career Shifts lead to a Victory – I want to reinvent my work life on my terms.



Be guided by Sheila’s engaging live online training as you re-boot and reinvent an area of your business or personal life. While you go through your UPGRADED LIFE PROGRAM you will notice that the tools, accountability, friendship and Boots(c) formula will help you find more meaning as you learn to live in even more happiness while participating in your redesign process.  Sheila will be your guide on each step of the way; to living life and doing business on your terms.

Sheila Mac’s personalized training courses will help you get your desired outcomes in record time. You will no longer be alone as you enjoy a twice monthly live interactive program where you will be able to bring your real-life questions to class for on the spot answers.

This is not a lecture or recorded course; it is a living conversation that gives course members individualized and group activities that guide you to your best life. You will be in this course with a group of people who are focused on the same redesign and re-boot outcomes. All courses include live activities with like-minded peers, as well as occasional special guests and surprise bonus gifts that get you through your reboot year and back into action with rapid results.

This is a monthly course subscription of $333 per month. NEW YEARS SPECIAL OF $111, RENEW EACH MONTH OR CANCEL ANYTIME. Clients may cancel anytime and just pay for their current month. However it is encouraged that you make a commitment to yourself and stay active for the full 12 months program, in order to achieve your BEST results.

*See Curriculum page for more detailed course information.

The BOOTS Formula

The BOOTS Formula

I’ve had an interesting life. It hasn’t been easy, but I’m not complaining—and I’m not a victim. I’ve had a lot of rock bottoms, a lot of downs but a lot of ups as well—I mean, how many ten year olds get to meet the president? (I’ll tell you that story later in in my book!) Through it all, I had to learn how to go from rock bottom to rock solid.

I had to look back at what I’ve done—and what I still do—to get out of that place and back into life. I asked myself, “What has helped me walk through the bottom faster and still be who I want to be—without letting it totally screw up my life?”

What did I do last time, and how did I do it? What type of a mindset did I need to have? Who did I need to reach out to? Who did I need to be?

I saw the patterns in all the times I’ve had to do that—and in how I’ve seen my friends and clients get through their rock-bottom moments as well. Ultimately, I came up with the BOOTS Formula, a simple yet powerful method of redirecting your thoughts and actions. The BOOTS Formula will teach you the skills you need to quickly dissolve limiting beliefs and get back into right action.

In simple language? BOOTS will grab your problem by the bra straps and help you get back into action in any situation.

Sound like something you can use? Let’s take a look at each letter.

Once you sign up for the course you will receive an email with our most current course times, and additional information….


Sign up for the course that best fits your needs, check your email THEN:

1.       BOOT STRAPS & BRA STRAPS BOOK: Purchase the book as this will be your main course & reboot guide. You can use this book to pick yourself up from rock bottom, build a new identity, reinvent yourself, and produce even more income, all without jeopardizing a balanced life.  

2.       JOIN Our main Community of Friends! In this FREE PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP you will surround yourself with a peer group of like-minded people. In community you will gain freedom from old patterns, accountability and friendship. There will also be additional shares, lives and resources for you, as they become available.

NOTE: ONCE you sign up for a COURSE you will be invited to join an additional individualized group to connect and discuss your specific COURSE TOPICS in a private intimate environment with your course mates.

3.        GO LIVE in the FACEBOOK GROUP and INTRODUCE YOURSELF. Tell us your name, where you are from, a bit about yourself and the BIG WHY that guided you to join the Boot Straps & Bra Straps Community.

4.        WATCH THE BOOTS FORMULA: Give yourself the gift of time to get started by watching an INTRODUCTION TO THE BOOTS FORMULA this FREE MINI INTRODUCTION COURSE can be found on the main course page. The FORMULA will be applied in all courses.

5.       HELP OUT A FRIEND If you know of a family member or friend who may be in need of a reinvention please make sure to share the free tools, resources, book and courses with them. CALL your local library and if they do not yet offer a copy request one for those who need access to the BOOT STRAPS & BRA STRAPS guidebook.

You Can Do This!

Every pair of boots is different, but you can always find a pair that fits you. Similarly, every rock-bottom situation is unique—but you can find your own way of applying the BOOTS formula to fit your needs.


You now have a formula to follow, on your own terms. You will be designing your life and business based on your core values, life purpose and vision.

Each chapter and each unique course addresses one specific rock-bottom situation or topic that you desire to enjoy EVEN MORE SUCCESS in. You can jump to the one course you really need right now: KNOWING that as you rebuild in one area of your life or business it will have an EMPOWERING IMPACT in all areas of your life.

I wrote the formula, book and created the LIVE INTERACTIVE COURSES for you.

In each person's lifetime, there will be a series of waves or rock-bottom events. This year we have had more than our share with a worldwide pandemic, a new economy and new rules for how we are doing business and living our lives as we also strive to enjoy equality globally in community and freedom. I hope that your life is always blessed, and you will never need a guide; however, if you need help this year, I hope the book, courses and additional free resources will be like having me by your side. Know that I will be with you through this book, live in the courses and always in spirit as you bravely reboot your life.

 As always, I wish you,

"Life, Love, Laughter & Light!"

 --Sheila Mac

 Thank you for STEPPING UP!

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