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The BOOTS Formula

I’ve had an interesting life. It hasn’t been easy, but I’m not complaining—and I’m not a victim. I’ve had a lot of rock bottoms, a lot of downs but a lot of ups as well—I mean, how many ten year olds get to meet the president? (I’ll tell you that story later in in my book!) Through it all, I had to learn how to go from rock bottom to rock solid.

I had to look back at what I’ve done—and what I still do—to get out of that place and back into life. I asked myself, “What has helped me walk through the bottom faster and still be who I want to be—without letting it totally screw up my life?”

What did I do last time, and how did I do it? What type of a mindset did I need to have? Who did I need to reach out to? Who did I need to be?

I saw the patterns in all the times I’ve had to do that—and in how I’ve seen my friends and clients get through their rock-bottom moments as well. Ultimately, I came up with the BOOTS Formula, a simple yet powerful method of redirecting your thoughts and actions. The BOOTS Formula will teach you the skills you need to quickly dissolve limiting beliefs and get back into right action.

In simple language? BOOTS will grab your problem by the bra straps and help you get back into action in any situation.

Sound like something you can use? Let’s take a look at each letter.

The B in for Being: Who MUST YOU BE today in order to reach your OUTCOMES this week & next month? Ask this prior to going into a prayer or meditation time each day. Delegate what you can and be okay with taking your time in making important career and lifestyle decisions. Your decision to continue BEING in a state of calm will bring peace to all areas of your life.

The first O is for: Orientation:  Assess where you are now in your life. Next, get out a paper and write down what a perfect week would look like in the new life you are creating, on your terms. What outcomes do you wish for yourself, your family and how can you contribute to your community this year?  How can you add a peaceful meditation, nature walk or prayerful practice to your days? The secret is to live in a peaceful happy state now.

The next O is for: Order of Operations: Now that you know who you need to be and your orientation, you can decide in which order you must do things.  In the long run the order in which you do things is going to really drive your results. If you are feeling the stress of this year of changes, turn off the news for a few moments or a good 30 minutes and plug into a recharging and healing practice that you create on your terms.

The T is for Thinking: This is where your MINDSET comes in. Stop waiting for everything to be perfect to schedule meditation or prayerful practice for yourself and your family.  This will help you remain in a peaceful state, people will feel your calm energy on a call, or when you walk into a room.

The S is for Stepping Up: This is the part that puts all the other pieces you have planned into place and gets you and your home life back into action.

The time is now for us to collectively work together to rejuvenate, reboot and build.