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If You’re Looking For A FAR Better Advantage In YOUR Personal or Business life and are ready for a lasting REBOOT, Read On…

In my diverse and fulfilling career, working with hundreds of individuals, couples and small business leaders; I have been credited with helping families, individuals and businesses regain their fiscal footing and reinvent their families, personal and career lives on their terms.
I’m very grateful to have helped with a diverse group of private clients who have found happiness and success by reinventing how they enjoy business and life.  Now, let’s get back to how I can best serve you.
Some of the other main areas that my clients have worked through on a consulting basis with me are bereavement support, financial restructuring, career shifts, relationships, couple’s renewal or conflict reduced unmarrying, parenting issues, elder care,  trustee responsibilities, overcoming past abuse, addiction recovery, and lifestyle redesign.
I’ve recently found an incredibly guided and highly individualized way, to walk you step-by-step, via “laser focused” monthly consulting conversations that keep you accountable, while helping you achieve even more results as you move forward toward your desired outcomes.
Consider the possibility that there are much better ways to reinvent your business and life with a mentor by your side helping you to leverage your opportunities; and deliver more value to your customers, clients, family and those who matter most to you.
I frequently get asked to be a private consultant with those in the entertainment industry, KNOW your privacy and confidentiality is always first priority. We work together in a safe yet incredibly impactful way. I have also been an advisor to companies under $8 Million Dollars a year in revenue, but my high-priced fee structure (8K/day) has never been designed to be a cost-effective way for these smaller sized businesses and individuals to have access to my “Most Private RESULTS BASED Consulting” advice until now.


  • Receive Sheila’s highest level of private consulting to help you design life and business through more profits, savings, balance, and experience personal successes as you reinvent how you enjoy all parts of your life.
  • A virtual Kick Off half day 4-hour deep dive session where Sheila will learn about your unique desired results and help you get refocused. You may also arrange to fly over for your consulting appointment. All in person appointments are held at a five-star resort near one of Sheila’s headquarters in either Beverly Hills, California or in Nevada.
  • For the remainder of the 12 months enjoy a two 2-hour online conference twice monthly on MONTH TWO going forward.  Each month you will work with Sheila from the convenience of your home or office. During this time you will continue learning how to apply the boots formula and use reboot and rebuilding strategies, designed by Sheila for lasting long-term results.
  • At the end of 12 months, be considered for the opportunity to continue on an annual basis with Sheila at the same rate as year one. Your starting year is your base rate, as long as you remain an active client. Sheila only asks that you also agree to donate a modest percentage of  your newfound profit increases, to her REBOOT Your Dream not- for-profit program. For each year moving forward this small contribution helps you give back as you generate new and improved revenue sources.
  • Additionally receive: One FREE monthly group course as an added bonus when you start your program.


  • Comfortably afford this program.
  • Must be willing to play full out and apply the action steps in between each call.
  • Must be committed to spending 4 hours per month in private discussion with Sheila, and 1 hour a month in self-study to grow your business.


  • $4,444 a month, for 12 months for a total of $53,328K pay as you go.
  • Steeply discounted rate for single pay option is $48,444K one-time per year.

Month One you will meet with Sheila either virtually or in the quiet, remote, and highly private environment that she uses to develop breakthroughs for all her consulting clients or via a secure online meeting, your choice. If you choose to travel to see Sheila, you are responsible for any additional air fees, travel, hotel and other travel related expenses.  
I look forward to serving you through my programs, book and private consulting options

As always, I wish you,
“Life, Love, Laughter & Light!”
—Sheila Mac
Lifestyle REBOOT Specialist
Author of: Boot Straps & Bra Straps
“The formula to go from Rock Bottom & back into ACTION in any situation!”

“YES, I want to RE-BOOT my Business &
personal life. Click BELOW to get started”

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